Namaste Brothers and Sisters of this World,

I am Venkatasubramanian,44, from the City of Coimbatore, in India. Am a mechanical engineer. In my youth, I was after many spiritual theories that could ‘somehow do something’ for me and the world at large. I got maddeningly materialistic and atheistic with the likes of Ayn Rand, but the fortune of being born in Bharat (India) finally brought me to the immortal knowledge of Bhagavad Gita. It is about nine years since I took up study, memorizing (parayana in Sanskrit) and application of Srimad Bhagavad Gita in everyday life.

Needless to say, this half an hour morning routine of Gita Study in my prayer room along with worship of Lord Krishna and all my dear Gods, has changed my life completely and I feel I am inching towards a greater truth every minute.

In this situation, I am now offering what I learned along with the wisdom of such great Acharyas like Sankara, Maddhwa, Ramanuja, Swamy Ramsukhdas, Srila Prabhupada, Subramania Bharati, Swamy Chidbhavananda and Jayadayal Goendka in this blog series.

This blog is another version of a group discussion .  In this blog all the completed posts on slokas will be condensed and posted. We are nearly seventy slokas behind this group.

If this effort produces true seekers with a burning desire for eternal knowledge, my mission is fulfilled. The world needs you, true seekers.



  1. With so many “I’s” , one wonders whether you have understood the Bhagwad Geeta???????

    • Everything starts from the self Sri Sarang ! Also, I learnt from pure common sense that whatever told to a group of people without a personal touch will never reach his audience. Since, all these were taken from a group discussion, that subjective mention is unavoidable.

      BTW, who told you to drop the I while reading the Gita ? Arjuna uses I till his last sloka. Krishna uses it, and Sanjaya too (since these three were the trio intimately connected with the dialogue). The ego sense drops only in samadhi which we .ordinary mortals can only work towards

    • Dear Sir, Why is his usage of ‘I’ an issue to you? Are you here to learn or comment? We all must learn to absorb just that which is needed. Venkat Sir, awesome!

  2. Great Effort made .. !! thanks a lot for Word to word Explanation

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