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Gita Chapter 1, sloka 47 (conclusion of chapter 1)

Hare Ram

Priya Sadhaks,

Recite the dhyana slokas aloud, and all the slokas recited so far.  Please memorize this sloka as you study it.

Gita Chapter 1, sloka 47

s=]j=y= Wv==c=

Av=m=< Wktv==Cj=u*n=/ s=]Ky=e, rq==ep=sq= Wp==iv=x=t=< +

iv=s=&jy= s=x=r] c==p=], x==ek:s=]iv=gn=m==n=s=/ ++â.åë++

Sloka transliteration : Devanagari to English

Sanjaya uvacha

evemuktvA (a)rjuna:  sankhye rathopasta upAvishat |

visrujya sasaram chApam shoka samvignamanasa: ||————–47

Sloka word to word meaning:

Av=m=< (evam)- Thus ; Wktv== (uktva)- speaking; aj=u*n=/(arjuna :)- Arjuna ; Wp==iv=x=t=< (upAvishat)- sat down; rq==ep=sq= (rathopasta)- on the chariot base ; iv=s=&jy=(visrujya)-  casting away (his) ; c==p=](chApam)-  bow ; s=x=r] (sasaram)- (and) arrows ; x==ek:(shoka)- grief ; s=]iv=gn=( samvigna)- stricken ; m==n=s=/ ( mAnasa:)- at heart; s=]Ky=e,( sankhye)- in the battlefront

Sloka meaning

Sanjaya Said

Thus speaking , Arjuna , sat down on the chariot base casting away his bow and arrows grief stricken at heart in the battlefront.


This is the final act. Arjuna throws away his weapons ! And sits down ! With a grief stricken heart. Compare this with the Arjuna who entered the battle field confidently and raised his weapon on seeing his foes ! He is totally in the grip of illusory forces. Was Krishna’s ploy of making Arjuna see both his and enemy forces the reason for Arjuna’s plight ?

Pushpika- (This is the customary concluding verse for each chapter that Sri Vyasa Gives)

Om tatsaditi srimad bhagavadgitAsu upanishatsu brahmavidyAyAm yogasAstre sri krishnArjuna samvAde arjuna vishAda yogo nAma prathamodhyAya:

Meaning:- Om Tat Sat. This is the first chapter named Arjuna Vishada Yoga ( Arjuna’s despondency) of Srimad Bhagavad Gita, the upanishad, the study of brahman, the yoga sastra, which is a conversation between Sri Krishna and Arjuna.

Om- let all the deficiencies of this book go away

Tat- let this give Bhagavan great happiness

Sat- let this give true lasting benefits

(Om Tat Sat is uttered after a holy act any mistakes that might have crept in since these are the names of Paramatma Himself)

Srimad- Which is full of spiritual wealth

Bhagavad-  Consummate wealth(sampoorna Iswaryam), righteousness( Dharma), Pride, fame, wisdom (gnanam), detachment ( vairagyam) are the six qualites that combine to form Bhagam. Since they always are with this work it is ` Bhagavad’

A person sings when he is happy. Bhagavan also sang this in happiness. Hence it is `Gita’. As per Sanskrit grammar, it must have been `Gitam’. Since this is the essence of the upanishads, it is called in the female gender as `Gita’. ( in Sanskrit , even non living things have gender)

Since it teaches the ultimate truth without discrimination on varna, ashrama, ways( saiva, vaishnava, saktha etc), it is `Brahma Vidya’

Since it teaches the four yogas as part of the Brahma Vidya, it is also ` Yoga Sastra’

This is the conversation between Krishna and Arjuna- Hence `Sri Krishna Arjuna Samvade’

Arjuna Vishada Yogo nama , prathamodhyaya:

This pushpika is the same for all chapters except the underlined portions of the previous line will be replaced by the chapter name and the number respectively in order.

Hare Krishna



Please download the Sanskrit font here

Please download the Gita Audio here



  1. It is an excellent job u have done sir

    GOD SRI RAM will definetely blesses u sir

  2. i am muslim but i am realy inspired by hinduism and bhagwan krishna and holly book gita can i ahve a copy i am pakistani i will b glade to have:)

    • Do u want an ebook.Then u can meail me at or give ur email.I will be sending u an ebook.

  3. u r real fool .god is one and hazrat muhmmad is last mesenger of god. accpet it other wise u will go in the hell.

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