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Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 46

Hare Ram

Priya Sadhaks,

Recite the dhyana slokas aloud, and all the slokas recited so far.  Please memorize this sloka as you study it.

Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 46

y=id m==m=< ap=>t=Ik:=rm=<, ax=sF=] x=sF=p==[=y=/ +

Q==t=*r={!M= r[=e hny=us=<, t=n=< m=e Z=em=t=r] B=v=et=< ++â.åê++

Sloka transliteration: Devanagari to English

yadi mAmaprateekaram asastram sastrapAnaya: |

dhArtarAshtrA rane hanyus tanme kshemataram bhavet ||————–46

Sloka word to word meaning: Devanagari to English

y=id (yadi)- if ; Q==t=*r={!M= (dhArtarAshtrA) –  the sons of Dhrutarashtra ; x=sF=p==[=y=/ (sastrapAnaya:)- with weapons in (their) hands ; hny=u / (hanyu:)- (should) slay (me); r[=e (rane)- in battle; m==m=< (mAm)- (when) I am ; ax=sF=] (asastram)-  unarmed ; ap=>t=Ik:=rm=< ( aprateekaram)- (and) unresisting ; t=t=< (tat)- that ; B=v=et=< (bhavet)-  would be  ; Z=em=t=r] (kshemataram)-better ; m=e (me )- for me

Sloka meaning:

If the sons of Dhrutarashtra with weapons in their hands, should slay me in battle when I am unarmed and unresisting, that would be better for me.


This is Arjuna’s declaration rather than the routine observations. He declares emphatically that he is even prepared to die at his enemies’ hands than fight ( for his land as he feels). Arjuna has lost the instinct to fight totally- he has lost his biggest credential- that of  a warrior. Now to the next sloka where he `does’ something to show this mental condition

Hare Krishna



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