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Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 45

Jai Sri Ram.

Priya Sadhaks,

Chant the divine names of Krishna ! I request you all to recite the dhyana slokas aloud, and the slokas studied so far. With the Lord in your mind and his words in your lips, you will feel his presence. If not, first imagine that you feel him near. Later you will realise his presence.

Please memorize this sloka as you proceed to read it.

Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 45

ah=e b=t= m=ht=< p==p=], k:t=]*u*u vy=v=òs=t== v=y=m=< +

y=d< r=jy=s=uK=l=eB=en=, hnt=u] sv=j=n=m=< W6t==/ ++â.åç++

Sloka Transliteration- Devanagari to English

aho bata mahatpApam kartum vyavasitA vayam |

yadrAjya sukhalobhena hantum swajanamudyata : ||

Sloka word to word meaning: Devanagari- English

ah=e (aho)- Alas ; b=t= (bata)- what a ; m=ht=< p==p=] (mahatpApam)- heinous crime ; v=y=m=< (vayam)- we (are); vy=v=òs=t== (vyavasitA)- resolved ; k:t=]*u*u (kartum)- to do (commit ?); y=d< r=jy=s=uK=l=eB=en= (yad rAjya sukha lobhena)- out of greed for pleasures of sovereignty ; W6t==/ (udyatA :)- (we have) readied ; hnt=u] (hantum)- to kill ; sv=j=n=m=< (swajanam)- our kinsmen

Sloka meaning:

Alas, what a heinous crime we are resolved to commit ? . Out of greed for the pleasures of sovereignty we have readied to kill our kinsmen.


Arjuna’s 10 th observation with a question- what a sin we are upto for pleasures of the crown?

Arjuna’s delusion is complete. He is now onto that platform of lower mortals from where he says that this war is for a piece of land and that is , in turn for pleasures ! He has forgotten why his mother ordered him and his brothers to fight. He has forgotten why Krishna also prodded them towards this war.

Arjuna knows well what the shastras say- that the guilty must be punished and there is no sin is attached to it. He, as a Kshatriya is duty bound to punish them.

Arjuna has forgotten that this war was for (re)establishing dharma. It was Krishna’s check on evil forces which will go on multiplying if not curtailed.

Hare Krishna



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