Posted by: Venkat | March 5, 2009

Madhava !

Priya Sadhaks

Now let us take up Madhava- a very popular name of Lord Mahavishnu.

1. Madhava-= Ma + Dhava = One who has Lakshmi as his consort

The verb Ma also means which extracts everything; measures; which
distributes or shares.

Since she extracts the universe into himself the mother is called Ma who
is a part of Narayana.
Ma- who has a measure of the universe
Ma- the goddess of wealth

And Madhava, is the one who is the owner of all the attributes of
Goddess of wealth.

Ma is chittavritti- meaning the development of mind meaning creation and
flow of thoughts. The mind when feels the worldly objects through the
sense organs, becomes a slave to them. And it attains its form. As the
mind attains many such forms due to its association with many objects,
the focus never happens.
Dhava( Dhavati)- One who avoids-Madhava- one who avoids the flow and
creation of thoughts. ( Mam chittavrittim dhavati dooree karoti)
through dhyana , silence and yoga. ( Pathanjali states –
Yogaschittavritti nirodha:- meaning yoga is arrest of thought flow)

2. Madhava- the Lord of Brahma Vidya

3. Madhava- One who was born into the Madhu clan – a sub clan of the
Yadhu clan.

4. Madhava- The third vyuha name- in the kesavadi series.
Twelve vyuhas are-

Madhava is the nama number 72, 167, 735 of Vishnu sahasra nama.

(help- Vishnu sahasra nama commentary by – Sri S V Radhakrishna Sastry)

Jai Krishna


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