Posted by: Venkat | March 5, 2009

Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 43

Hare Ram,

Priya Sadhaks,

Fix Him in your mind,  and recite the dhyana slokas aloud, and all the slokas you have studied so far. And as you study this sloka, memorize it also.

Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 43

d=e{=Er< At=E/ ku:lGn==n==], v=[=*s=]k:rk:=rkE:/ +

Wts==6nt=e j==it=Q=m==*/, ku:lQ=m==*xc= x==xv=t==/ ++â.åà++

Sloka transliteration- Devanagari to English

doshairethai kulaghnAnAm varnasankarakArakai : |

utsAdyante jAtidharmA : kuladharmAscha sAsvatA: ||————-43

Sloka word to word meaning- Devanagari- English

At=E/ (etai :)- (from) these ; d=e{=E (doshai:)- sins (of) ; ku:lGn==n==] (kulagnAnAm)- the destroyers of the family ; v=[=*s=]k:rk:=rkE:/ ( varnasankarakarakai:)- (that lead to) a mixture of castes ; x==xv=t==/ ( sAsvatA:)- the long standing ; ku:lQ=m==* / ( kula dharmA:) – family traditions; j==it=Q=m==*/ c=, ( jAti dharma: cha)- and the traditions of the caste ; Wts==6nt=e (utsAdyante)- (are) destroyed

Sloka meaning:

From these sins of the destroyers of the family  that lead to a mixture of castes , the long standing family traditions and the traditions of the castes are destroyed.


This is Arjuna’s seventh observation. That the war may lead to a mixture of castes due to the loss of men in turn leading to the woman going astray and which will produce offsprings who will destroy the long standing family and caste traditions.

Hare Krishna



Please download the Sanskrit font here

Please download the Gita Audio here

gnAnAnanda mayam devam nirmala spatikagrutim |

AdhAram sarva vidyAnAm hayaghreenam upasmahe ||

I worship Lord Hayaghreeva,  (the horse faced God, who is Narayana Himself), who is an embodiment of wisdom and bliss who appearance is akin to the texture of a spotless crystal and who is the source of all knowledge.

This is the famous Hayaghreeva stotram by Srimad Nigamanta Desikan swami. One who recites this will attain all vidyas he seeks without fail. The sawmy  was a witness to the carnage in SriRangam Temple by the invading Moslems. He was one of the two miraculous escapants in a gruesome massacre of thousands of hindus inside the temple complex itself.  He was one of the rarest who could directly converse with Hayaghreeva. The Lord himself gave him all the vidyas.


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