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Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 42

Jai Sri Ram

Priya Sadhaks,

Chant Krishna’s divine names, and  feel his presence. Recite all the nine dhyana slokas aloud, and all the slokas studied so far. Memorize this sloka as you study this sloka

Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 42

s=]k:r=e n=rk:=y=Ev=, ku:lGn==n==] ku:lsy= c= +

p=t=ònt= ip=t=r=e Äe{==], lupt=ip=[#=edk:òk>:y==/ ++â.åä++

Sloka Transliteration from Sanskrit to English

sankaro narakAyaiva kulaghnAnAm kulasya cha |

patanti pitaro hyeshAm lupta pinodakakriyA: ||———-42

Sloka word to word  transliteration and translation- Devanagari to English

s=]k:r / (sankara:)- (the ) mixture (of castes) ; ku:lGn==n==] c= (kulaghnAnAm cha )- (leads) the destroyers of the family and ; ku:lsy= (kulasya)- the family ; n=rk:=y= Av= (narakaya eva)- to hell only ; A{==] (eshAm)- their ; ip=t=r / ih(pitara: hi)- ancestors also ; p=t=ònt= (patanti)- fall ( from heavens); lupt= (lupta)- losing ; òk>:y==/ ( kriya:)- offerings of ; ip=[# (pinda) – funeral food ; Wdk: ( udaka)- (and) drink

Sloka meaning in English:

The mixture of castes in the family leads the destroyers of the family and the family to hell only. Their ancestors also fall from heavens losing offerings of funeral food and drink.


The `mixture in castes’ happens on two counts. First , by loss of the man of the family. Second, for want of support the women opting for men of another caste in the absence of any man in their caste. ( since Arjuna was sure his race will be eliminated) ( sixth `observation’)

The offspring of such a mixture of castes will not respect the Dharmic injunctions of both the parents’ castes and will be loose in observance of them if at all he follows them.

The result will be only falling into hell for both the family and its destroyers. Such people will lead the whole family and caste into destruction. Naturally , he will fall into lower worlds.

Another consequence Arjuna fears , is that of his elders’ fall from heavens. This is another of his genuine observations. As there will be no man to observe Srardha(annual  memorial offerings) with the usual rites of food ( pinda) and drink ( tarpana) offerings, they also will lose the dharmic support from their living heirs and as per divine laws will fall into lower worlds. 9 Arjuna’s seventh `observation’)

Hare Krishna



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Ugram veeram mahAvishnum jwalantan sarvatomukham |

Nrusimham bheeshanam bhadram mrutyumrutyum namamyaham ||



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