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Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 41

Jai Sri Ram,

Priya Sadhaks,

Chant Sri Hari’s name, and meditate on him. Thank him for the chance in this birth for studying his holy words.  Recite the Dhyana slokas aloud, and all the slokas studied so far. As you study this present sloka. Memorize this

Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 41

aQ=m==*iB=B=v==t=< k&:{[=, p=>du{y=ònt= ku:lòsF=y=/ +

sF=I{=u du{!=s=u v=={[=e*y=, j==y=t=e v=[=*s=]k:r/ ++â.åâ++

Sloka transliteration into English

adharmAbhibhavAt krishna pradushyanti kulastriya: |

streeshu dushtAsu vArshneya jAyate varnasankara: ||————-41

Sloka word to word transliteration, translation from Devanagari to English

v=={[=e*y= (vArshneya)- Oh the scion of Varshni clan ( Krishna)  ; aQ=m**= (adharma ) –  (when)  unrighteousness; aiB=B=v==t=< (abhibhavAt)- prevails ; ku:lòsF=y=/ (kulastriya:)- the woman of family ; p=>du{y=ònt= (pradushyanti)- become corrupt ; sF=I{=u ( streeshu)-  (and when) the women ; du{!=s=u (dushtAsu)- are corrupt ; j==y=t=e (jAyate)- there arises ; s=]k:r/ (sankara:)- mixing (of) ; v=[=* (varna)- the caste divisions;

Sloka Meaning:

Oh , the scion of the Varshni clan,(Sri Krishna), when unrighteousness prevails, the woman of family become corrupt. When the woman are corrupt, there arises a mixing of the caste divisions.


Arjuna gives his fifth statement or observation. That with the loss of the man of the family, the woman, family  and in turn the society will come to ruin through the mixing of castes.

I think the woman in this list will not take this remark of Arjuna lightly. That the woman will go astray once her husband perishes. But this is a situation when a whole race of men , some eighteen lakhs of them , are killed.  Then the woman will choose someone else from other varnas.

The intermarriage of clashing castes will bring offsprings of mixed nature unfit for either of the varnas. Arjuna calls this as varna sankara:.

A varna was a work based division of the population of the ancient Bharat which is cursed, maligned and castigated in public. We will see  Krishna’s explanation for it when we come to the appropriate sloka.

Jai Sree Krishna



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seyan aniyan siriyan migapperiyan

Ayan tuvaraik konAi ninra – mAyan,an

Rodiya vakkadanaik kallar ulagathil

edilarAi meignAnamum il.————–Thirumazhisai Alwar

(Those who have not learnt the words of the  Krishna, the shepherd and Lord  of Dwaraka, who is not easily perceivable, yet easily reachable, who can be both tiny and mammoth,  will live in this world without real enlightenment)


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