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Gita chapter 1, Sloka 40

Hare Ram.

Priya Sadhaks,

Resuming posting with a very little time gap this time. I am making up for the time lost before the last sloka due to a function in my family when I could not post  for a week.

Krishna reigns supreme. Meditate on Him. Recite the nine dhyana slokas aloud thinking of their meanings, invoking Gita , Vyasa and Krishna one by one. I believe you do a separate parayana apart from this study in front of the computer. You have had ample time for memorizing . Even if you falter somewhere, do not give up.

Now please memorize this sloka as you recite them.

Gita chapter 1, Sloka 40

ku:lZ=y=e p=>[=xy=ònt=, ku:lQ=m==*/ s=n==t=n==/ +

Q=m=e* n={!e ku:l] k&:tsn=m=<, aQ=m==e*CiB=B=v=ty=ut= ++â.åî++

Sloka transliteration to English

kulakshaye pranasyanti kuladharmA: sanAtanA: |

dharme nashte kulam krutsnam adharmobhibhavatyuta ||——–40

Sloka word by word meaning: Sanskrit- transliteration- translation

ku:lZ=y=e (kulakshaye)- (with the) destruction of the family ; s=n==t=n==/ (sanAtanA:)- the time honoured ; ku:lQ=m==*/ (kuladharma:)- family traditions; p=>[=xy=ònt= (pranasyanti)- (are) lost; Wt= (uta)- and; Q=m=e* (dharme)- (and when) the family traditions ; n={!e (nashte)- are lost; aQ=m==/(adharma:)- unrighteousness; aiB=B=v=it= (abhibhavati)- overtakes ; k&:tsn=m=<(krutsnam)- the whole; ku:l] (kulam)- family

Sloka meaning:

With the destruction of the family, the time honoured family traditions are lost ; and when the traditions are lost, unrighteousness overtakes the whole family.


This is Arjuna’s fourth `observation’.

Here `kulakshaye’- destruction of family- means the slaying of only the fighting fit warriors- the menfolk only. When they fall, the chaste traditions of the dependent family are lost. Since the family is transmitted via the man, his loss is irreparable.

There is an abrupt end to the tradition with the death of the man in a family. As Sanatana Dharmis families are formed on a platform of Dharma, the man is   its protector. And Dharma  alone assures a man and his family the higher worlds.

The family will fall wayward into adharmic ways once the traditions are lost since there will be none to guide them.

This is sound logic of Arjuna. But what does Bhagavan has in mind to counter this? Keep guessing.

Hare Krishna



Please download the Sanskrit font here

Please download the Gita Audio here


anadi nidhanam vishnum sarva loka maheswaram |

loka natham mahadbhhotham  sarva bhoota bhavodbhavam ||



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