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Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 38, 39

Jai Sri Ram

Priya Sadhaks,

Harer namaiva kevalam! ( only Hari’s name !) Chant sri Hari’s name , and recite the Dhyana Slokas aloud. Contemplate on the meanings of the slokas as you recite them. Enjoy Krishna’s subtle presence as you invoke him, his Gita and Vyasa.

Now, recite these slokas as you read them.

Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 38, 39

y=6py=et=e n= p=xy=ònt=, l=eB==ep=ht=c=et=s=/ +

ku:lZ=y=k&:t=] d=e{=], im=F=7=ehe c= p==t=k:m=< ++â.àè++

k:q=] n= Ney=m=< asm==iB=/, p==p==d< asm==n=< in=v=it=*t=um=<< +

ku:lZ=y=k&:t=] d=e{=], p=>p=xy=ò4r< j=n==d*n= ++â.àï++

Sloka transliteration:

yadyapyete na pasyanti, lobhopahata chetasa: |

kulakshayakrutam dosham, mitradrohe cha pAtakam ||———–38

katham na jneyamasmabhi:, papAdasmAn nivartitum |

kulakshayakrutam dosham, prapasyadbhir janArdana ||————39

Sloka word to word meaning:(devanagari- transliteration- translation)

y=6ip=(yadyapi)- although ; At=e (ete)- these(sons of Dhrutarashtra) ; c=et=s=/ (chetasa:)- (with their) minds; Wp=ht= (upahata)- overcome ; l=eB= (lobha)- (by) greed ; n= p=xy=ònt= ( na pasyanti)- see no  ; d=e{=] (dosham)- evil; Z=y=k&:t=] (kshaya krutam)- (in) destroying ; ku:l (kula)- (their) lineage; c= (cha)- or ; p==t=k:m=< (patakam) – sin ; 7=ehe (drohe)- (in) hostility (to) ; im=F= (mitra)- friends ; k:q=] (katham)- why; asm==iB=/ (asmabhi)- (we should); j=n==d*n= (janardana)- Oh janardana ; p=>p=xy=ò4 / (prapastadbhi: )- who see the ; d=e{=] (dosham)- evil; ku:lZ=y=k&:t=] (kulakshayakrutam) – arising from destruction of the lineage; n= (na)- not ; Ney=m=< (jneyam) – learn to ; in=v=it=*t=um=<< (nivartitum)- desist (from); asm==d< (asmad)- this ; p==p==d< (papad)- sin

Sloka meaning;

Although these (sons of Dhrutarashtra), with their minds overcome by greed, see no evil in destroying the family or sin in hostility to friends , why should we, Oh Janardana, who see the evil arising from the destruction of the lineage , not learn to desist from this sin?


Arjuna finds fault with the Kouravas that they are `greedy’ forgetting that he himself is clouded with illusion. Same time he thinks that he is able to see the sin in killing.

Swamy Ramsukhdas ji says Arjuna guilty of two ; one ,finding fault in others; second, thinking himself better. As long as you see other’s fault you cannot see yours.

Arjuna’s fifth question: Even if they are greedy and want to kill the family lineage and hostility to friends, why should we, who know the evils of all this ?

Hare Krishna



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kannan kazlalinai nannum manamudaiyeer

ennum namam thinnam naraname—- Tamil pasuram by Nammalwar

( Oh, you who mindfully seek Krishna’s feet, that name to think which is certain is ` Narayana’ only)



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