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Gita Chapter 1, sloka 37

Jai Sri Ram

Priya Sadhaks,

We are into the end phase of the first chapter- 37 th sloka . Meditate on Sri hari, chant the Dhyana slokas aloud. Now , recite the below sloka as you read it. While chanting memorize it.

Gita Chapter 1, sloka 37

t=sm==n=< n==h=* v=y=] hnt=u]], Q==t=*r={!M=n=< sv=b==nQ=v==n=< +

sv=j=n=] ih k:q=] htv==, s=uòK=n=/ sy==m= m==Q=v= ++â.àë++

Sloka Transliteration:

tasmAnnArhA vayam hantum dhArtarAshtrAn swabAndhavAn |

swajanam hi katham hatwA sukhina; syama mAdhava   ||————-37

Sloka word to word meaning:

t=sm==n=< (TasmAn)- therefore ; n= (na) – (it is ) not ; ah=* (arhA) – proper ; v=y=] (vayam)- (for ) us ; hnt=u]], (hantum)- to kill ; Q==t=*r={!M=n=< (dhArtharAshtrAn)- the sons of Dhrutarashtra ; sv=b==nQ=v==n=< ( swabandhavan)- our kinsmen; k:q=] (katham)- how (can we  ) ; ih (hi)- indeed; sy==m= (syama)- be ; s=uòK=n=/ (sukhina:)- happy ; m==Q=v= (mAdhava)- Oh  MAdhava ; htv== (hatwa)- (by) killing ; sv=j=n=] (swajanam)- our own people

Sloka meaning:

Therefore, it is not proper for us to kill the sons of Dhrutarashtra , our kinsmen. How can we indeed be happy Oh Madhava,  by killing our own people ?


In this sloka we  see Arjuna recording his third  observation and fourth question

If you remember the previous slokas you can easily count them

The observations:

1. I neither  want victory nor sovereignty nor pleasures  (sl 32)

2. For whom I am here to fight they themselves are here sacrificing life and wealth ( 33)

3. Only sin will befall us if we kill our kinsmen(36)

The questions:

1. What pleasure is there in sovereignty or even life ? ( 32)

2. When I will not kill them for all the three worlds, will I kill them for this earth alone ? ( 34, 35)

3. What pleasure in killing these mahapapis ? (36)

4. How can we be happy by killing our own people ? (37)

Arjuna is fast forgetting his duties as a Kshatriya. The Moha about the kinsmen is keeping his intellect under wraps.

Hare Krishna



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krishna krishna mukunda janardana krishna govinda narayana hari

achyutananda govinda madhava sachidananda narayana hari




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