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Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, sloka 36

Jai Sri Ram

Priya Sadhaks,

Kindly recite the dhyana slokas and the slokas studied so far. We are really blessed to have gathered together to study the holiest of texts. Hence please do not skip reading this dhyana slokas and your daily parayana for any reason. The chanting creates subtle effects in your body and mind. Those already doing it can realise it.

Gita Chapter 1, sloka 36

in=hty= Q==t=*r={!M=n=< n=/, k:= p=>Iit=/ sy==j=< j=n==d*n= +

p==p=m=< Av==Xy=ed< asm==n=<, htv=Et==n=< a=t=t==iy=n=/ ++â.àê++

sloka transliteration:

nihatya dhArtarAshtrAnna: kA preeti: syAjjanArdana |

pApamevAsraye-dasmAn  hatvaitA-nAtatAyina: ||————————36

sloka word to word translation:

j=n==d*n= (janArdana)- Oh Janardana !; k:= (kA)- what ; p=>Iit=/ (preeti:)- joy ; sy==d< (syAd)- will be ; n=/ (na:)- ours; in=hty= (nihatya)- (by)  killing; Q==t=*r={!M=n=< (dhArtarAshtrAn) – Dhrutarshtra’s Sons; p==p=m=< (pApam)- sin ; Av= (eva)- alone will ; a=Xy=ed< (Asrayed)- overtake ; asm==n=< (asmAn) – us  ; htv==(hatvA)- (if we) kill ; At==n= (etAn) – these ; a=t=t==iy=n=/ ( AtatAyina:)- great sinners

Sloka meaning:

Oh Janardana ! What joy will be ours by killing these Dhrutarashtra’s sons ? Sin alone will befall us if we kill these great sinners .


AtatAyita:- These are Mahapapis according to vasishta smruti- 3/19

Agnido garadaschaiva sastrapAnirdhanApaha: |

kshetradArApaharta cha shatete hyAtAyina: ||

Who sets (other’s houses and properties)on fire, who poisons (others), who comes to kill (the innocent)  fully armed, who usurps others’s money , who grabs the lands of others, , who chases others’ wives are called AtatAyina- mahapapis`.

Duryodana and his brothers are well qualified for this title.

They set fire to the amber palace while the Pandavas were asleep

They poisoned Bheema and

drowned him into the river

In the dice game , they grabbed Pandava’s wealth

And Land

They forcefully dragged Draupadi into the court and disrobed her

Janardana– One who punishes the evil (janad arthayati hinasti). Look, where Arjuna is leading Krishna ! He thinks he is showing Krishna what is Dharma ! Artha sastra says to kill the mahapapis. There is no sin attached to the killing of these.

But Dharma sastra says never to hurt others. Artha sastra `s rules are applied where there is some selfish interest. Dharma sastra applies where there is no selfish concerns.Arjuna seemingly refers to the following sloka.

There is a sloka in Yagnyavalgya smriti 2/21

Smrutyorvirodhe nyAyastu balavAnvyavahArada: |

arthasAstrAtthu balavad dharma sAstramiti sthti :   ||

( Dharma sastra is more potent than Artha sastra ! So, when Dharma and Artha sastras differ (on an issue), then one should overlook artha sastra and follow Dharma sastra)

( the above in entirety is taken from Sadhak Sanjeevani, the most versatile commentary of the Gita by Parama Poojya Swamy Ramsukhdas)

Hare Krishna



Please download the Sanskrit font here

Please download the Gita Audio here

aapan tej samaro apai,  theenon lok hankte kampai |

bhoot pishacha nikat nahin avai, mahaveer jab nam sunavai  ||


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