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Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 34, 35

Hare Ram

Priya Sadhaks,

Please recite the dhyana slokas, then recite the slokas studied so far, ( you must have memorized them by now) and memorize these slokas as you read them.

Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 34, 35

a=c==y==*/ ip=t=r/ p=uF==s=<, t=q=Ev= c= ip=t==m=h=/ +

m==t=ul=/ xv=x=ur=/ p==EF==/, xy==l=/ s=]b=ònQ=n=s=< t=q== ++â.àå++

At==n=< n= hnt=um=< wc%=im=, Gn=t==eCip= m=Q=us=Udn= +

aip= F=El=eky=r=jy=sy=, het==e/ òk:] n=u m=hIk&:t=e ++â.àç++

sloka transliteration

AchAryA: pitara: putrAstathaiva cha pitAmahA: |

mAtulA: svasurA: poutrA: syAlA sambandhinastathA: ||———-34

etAnna hantumichhAmi ghnatopi madhusudana |

api trailokya rAjyasya heto kim nu maheekrute ||

Sloka Translation:

m=Q=us=Udn= (Madhusudana)-  Oh, Madhsudana; n= wc%=im= ( na ichhAmi)- (I) do not like (to); hnt=um=< (hantum) – kill ; At==n=< (etan)- these ; a=c==y==*/ (AchAryA:)- preceptors;  ip=t=r/ (pitara:)- fathers ; p=uF==: ( putrA:)- sons ; t=q== Av=(tatha eva) – as also ; ip=t==m=h=/ c= (pitAmahA: cha)- grandsires; m==t=ul=/ ( mAtulA:)- maternal uncles ; xv=x=ur=/ (svasurA:)- fathers- in- law ; p==EF==/ (poutrA:)- grandsons ; xy==l=/ (syAlA:)- brothers- in- law; s=]b=ònQ=n= : (sambandhina:)- (and other) kinsmen ; t=q== (tatha)- as well;

Gn=t= : aip= (ghnata: api)- even if they kill me; aip= (api)- even if; het==e/ (heto)- I get; F=El=eky= (trai lokya)- the three worlds ; n=u (nu)- then; m=hIk&:t=e (maheekrute)- for this earth; òk:] (kim) – will I (kill them)

Sloka meaning:

Oh Madhusudana ! I do not like to kill these preceptors (teachers), fathers,sons, as also grandsires, maternal  uncles, fathers-in-law, grandsons, brothers-in-law and other kinsmen as well , even if they kill me; not even if  I get the three worlds; then will I kill them for this earth ?


`I do not like to kill my relatives’

`even if I get three worlds’

`then why for this earth ?’

Arjuna has forgotten the cause of this war. It was for the establishment of dharma. He also has forgotten who he is. He thinks himself as a son, son in law, father, grandfather , brother in law, father in law and kinsman by calling  all those by such names.

He has forgotten that he is a kshatriya and his swadharma is to fight on call.

He has also forgotten that Dharma knows no names and brooks no relationship.

Hare Krishna



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yasya smaranamAtrena janma samsAra bandhanAt

vimuchyate namastasmai vishnave prabha vishnave ||


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