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Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, sloka 33

Jai Sri Ram,

Priya Sadhaks,

Please recite the dhyana slokas, and please recite the slokas studied do far.  Please memorize this 33 rd sloka as you study it.

Gita Chapter 1, sloka 33

y=e{==m=< aq=e* k:=V<òZ=t=] n==e, r=jy=] B==eg==/ s=uK==in= c= +

t= wm=eCv=òsq=t== y=u3e, p=>=[==]s=< ty=ktv== Q=n==in= c= ++  —————————– àà

Sloka Transliteration:

yeshAmarthe kAnkshitam no rAjyam bhoga sukhAni cha |

ta ime(a) vasthita yuddhe prAnAns tyaktva dhanAni cha ||

Sloka word to word meaning:

y=e{==m=< (yeshAm)-  for whose ; aq=e* (arthe) ; sake   ; r=jy=] (rAjyam)- sovereignty; B==eg==/ (bhoga) – enjoyments; s=uK==in= c= (sukhAni cha) – and pleasures, k:=V<òZ=t=] (kAnkshitam)- (are) desirable ; n=/ (na:) – for us; t=e wm=e (te ime)- they themselves ; av=òsq=t== (avasthitA)- (are) assembled here ; y=u3e, (yuddhe)- for battle, ty=ktv== (tyaktvA)- giving up(their); (prAnAn)- p=>=[==n=< lives ; Q=n==in= c= (dhanAni cha)- and wealth.

Sloka meaning:

They for whose sake,   sovereignty , enjoyments, and pleasures, are desirable for us, they themselves are assembled here for battle giving up their lives and wealth.


I desired the pleasures etc only for their sake , not for me alone. But they are here ready to sacrifice even their lives.

Arjuna has a concept that he is living for others. But he does not go deep into why they are not doing what he did.  They are duty bound . Arjuna is burdened by it now – or at least he thinks so.

In modern medical terminology , Arjuna’s state can be termed as `neurosis’ in which often  one blames oneself . My concise `Pocket medical Dictionary’ by L M Harrison, says ” neurotic symproms are occasionally the result of overwhelming stress (e.g. in soldiers in battle) but usually represent a complex interaction between stresses and a vulnerable personality”

In a layman’s terminology, neurosis is the result of assuming too much responsiblity in a given situation. ( Scott Peck, in `The road Less Travelled”) Arjuna, though competent, just falls short in the mental sphere by assuming he is fighting for others, and that, by killing  them he does not desire the crown.

Krishna answers these questions explicitly in the next chapter. But now, let us allow the tempo of our expectations raise with each of Arjuna’s questions.

Hare Krishna



Please download the Sanskrit font here

Please download the Gita Audio here

——————————————————————————————-bhAratAmruta sarvasvam vishnor vaktrAt vinsrutam |

GitA gangotakam peetva punarjanma na vidyate ||


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