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Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, sloka 32

Jai Sri Ram,

Priya Sadhaks,

Nice to be back with you. We are into Arjuna’s statements and questions which prompted the Krishna to give the Gita. Please loudly recite the dhyana slokas, and the slokas studied so far. Chanting these slokas has a special effect. Swamy Ramsukhdas says there is a tremendous calming down that will come over the sadhak if he chants the entire Gita.

Gita Chapter 1, sloka 32

n= k:=V<Z=e iv=j=y=] k&:{[=, n= c= r=jy=] s=uK==in= c= +

òk:] n==e r=jy=en= g==eiv=nd, òk:] B==eg=Er< j=Iiv=t=en= v== ++â.àä++

Sloka English transliteration:

na kAnkshe vijayam krishna na cha rAjyam sukhAni cha |

kim no rAjyena govinda kim bogair jeevitena vA  ||—————–32

Sloka Translation:

k&:{[= (Krishna)- Oh Krishna  ; n= (Na )- (I) do not ; k:=V<Z=e (kAnkshe)- desire ; iv=j=y=] (vijayam)- victory; n= c= (na cha)- nor ; r=jy=] (rAjyam)- sovereignty ; s=uK==in= c= (sukhAni cha)-  (nor ) pleasures; òk:] (kim)- (of) what ;  r=jy=en= (rAjyena)- (use is) sovereignty;  n= / (na:)- to me ; g==eiv=nd (govinda)- Oh Govinda; v== (va)- or ; B==eg=E / (bhogai :)- pleasures ; j=Iiv=t=en= (jeevitena)- (or) life itself ?

Sloka meaning:

Oh Krishna! I do not desire victory nor sovereignty nor pleasures; Oh Govinda! Of what use is sovereignty to me  or these pleasures or life itself ?


Arjuna’s construct of a concrete reason for avoiding war continues. In this we see a dryness. He says he does not desire victory !  Arjuna’s thought source itself, that is , his intellect , which decides what is good and bad, is corrupted. Now he has lost way into the darkness of ignorance as to who he is and what he has to do.

Here , Arjuna connects victory to its fruits viz the state and the pleasures. Curiously he says what use in living itself after such a victory  when almost all his relatives would be dead. The fruits of victory is for them too. If they are not there , what use in myself enjoying them alone ?

Krishna– the likeable dark coloured ; krish + na= of omnipresent existence and bliss

Govinda-  the one attainable by the chanting of Vedas

Hare Krishna



Please download the Sanskrit font here

Please download the Gita Audio here


GitA gangA cha gAyatri govindeti hrudi sthite

ChaturgakAra samyukte punarjanma na vidyate

The sadhaka in whose heart the four Ga s of Gita, Ganga, Gayatri, and Govinda are well entrenched, gets released from next birth.

Mahabharata- Bheeshma parva- 43/3



  1. Nice posting. Do you know about this edition of the Gita?

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