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Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 23

Jai Sri Ram.
Priya Sadhaks,

We are into the 23 rd sloka. Invoke Sri Hari and recite the dhyana slokas and the slokas studied so far in this chapter. Please memorize this sloka as you read it.

Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 23

y==etsy=m==n==n=< av=eZ=eCh], y= At=eCF= s=m==g=t==/ +

Q==t=*r={!Msy= dub=u*3er<, y=u3e ip=>y=ic=k:0{=*v=/ ++â.äà++

Sloka English transliteration:

yotsyamAna naveksheham ya ete(a)tra samAgatA: |

dhArtharAshtrasya durbhuddher yuddhe priyachikeershava: ||—————23

sloka word to word meaning:

ah], (aham)- I ;   av=eZ=eee (avekshe)- see  ; y= At=e (ya ete)- those (who) ;  s=m==g=t==/ (samagata:)-(are) gathered ; eaF= (atra)- here  ;  y==etsy=m==n==n=< (yotsyamanan)- ready for fight ; y=u3e (yuddhe) – in (this)war ;  ip=>y=ic=k:0{=*v=/ (priya chikeershava:) – desirous of pleasing ; dub=u*3e / (durbuddhe:) – (the) evil minded ; Q==t=*r={!Msy= ( dhartharashtrasya)- son of Dhrutarashtra (Duryodhana)

Sloka meaning:

I see those who are gathered here , ready for fight in this war, desirous of pleasing the evil minded son of Dhrutarashtra ( Duryodhana)


Arjuna continues to Sri Krishna:

He calls Duryodhana as  ‘durbuddhe- evil minded’ ; and all those kings and warriors as being there on account of pleasing him. They , being Duryodhana’s well wishers and friends, could have easily advised him to give the Pandavas their rightful share of the kingdom thereby preventing this war . But they didn’t.  Also, they are here in battlefield, to support him. They are at fault on these two counts. And according to Arjuna, they are assembled   ‘with a desire to fight’ (yotsyamanan).

Arjuna’s desire to have a pre view of these warriors is to identify each one of them before battle.

Hare Krishna


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