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Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 21 (part), 22

Jai Sri Ram,
Priya Sadhaks,
( We are half way in the first chapter. I believe you have memorized the previous slokas. As always, please recite the Dhyana Slokas, and the slokas studied so far ALOUD . And, memorize this sloka as you read it.)

Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 21 (part), 22

aj=*un= Wv==c=

s=en=y==er< WB=y==er< m=Qy=e, rq=] sq==p=y= m=eCcy=ut= ++â.äâ++

y==v=d< At==n=< in=rIZ=eCh], y==e3uk:=m==n=< av=òsq=t==n=< +

kE:r< m=y== s=h y==e3vy=m=<, aòsm=n=< r[=s=m=u6m=e ++â.ää++

Sloka transliteration:

arjuna uvacha

senayorubhayor madhye ratham sthApayamechyuta ||21||

yAvadetAnnireeksheham yoddhukAmA navasthitAn|

kairmayA  saha yoddhavya masmin rana samudhyame||22||

Sloka word to word translation:

aj=*un= Wv==c= (arjuna uvacha)- Arjuna said ;   acy=ut=(achyuta)- Oh Achyuta,( Sri Krishna) ;  sq==p=y= (sthapaya) – station ; m=e(me)- my ;  rq=] (ratham) – chariot ;   WB=y==e// (ubhayo:) between the two;  s=en=y==e/ ( senayo:)- armies ;  y==v=d(yavad) while ;  ah} (aham)- I ;  in=rIZ=e (nireekshe) –  see ;   At==n=(etan)- those ;  av=òsq=t==n=< ( avasthitan) –  (who are)arrayed ;  k:=m==n=<(kaman )- seeking ;  y==e3u (yoddhu) – battle ;   s=h (saha) –  with   ;  kE: / (kai) – whom ; m=y== y==e3vy=m=<( maya yoddhavyam) – I shall have to fight ;  aòsm=n=< (asmin)- in this ;  s=m=u6m=e (samudhyame) – preparation ;   r[= (rana) – (for) combat

Sloka Meaning;

Arjuna Said:

Oh Achyuta, (Sri Krishna) station my chariot between the two armies while I see those who are arrayed, seeking battle, with whom I shall have to fight in this preparation for combat


These are Arjuna’s first words.

Senayor ubhayor madhye- Arjuna asks Krishna to station the chariot in between the armies- in the no man’s land. Since the war actually had not not started, this manouvre was not seen as hostile by the enemies. It was still a Dharma Yuddha. This sentence ‘senayorupayormadhye’ is used thrice in Gita – 1/21, 1/24 and 2/10.

We see Arjuna’s proactiveness in battle- a trait very essential for progress. He wants to survey the enemies who have assembled to fight with him. Arjuna says they are there to fight with him- taking the entire responsibility of war on himself- which is the hallmark of great achievers.

Arjuna calls Sri Krishna as Arjuna. My question. Did he know that Sri Krishna was swayam Narayana in his most perfect avatar ? Can anyone tell ?

Achyuta- One who never slips from his level. Sat- chit- ananda is Bhagavan’s swarupa. Just as Fire does not leave its state of heat and brightness, Bhagavan also does never leave his self state. Achyuta , also a vyuha name.

It is the first name to be chanted in the Achamanam of the holiest of Nitya karmas- Sandhya Vandanam. It is mandatory for all . The only exemption was for the fourth varna- and that too only since they will be much pressed for time and in lieu of their heavy physical workload. It is high time the world took up this nitya karma seriously and earnestly.

Hare Krishna



Please download the Sanskrit font here

Please download the Gita Audio here

Sankha chakra gadapane dwaraka nilayachyuta

Govinda pundareekaksha rakshamam saranagatham


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