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Gita chapter 1, sloka 20

Jai Sri Ram,

Priya Sadhaks,

( Please recite the nine Dhyana slokas, and the slokas studied so far, as much as possible from memory. I insist on this memorizing since the benefits are many, many. Please memorize this sloka as you read this)

Gita Chapter- 1, Sloka- 20

aq= vy=v=ûsq=t==n=< d&{!<v==, Q==t=*r={!M=n=< k:ip=Qv=j=/ +

p=>v=&T=e x=sF=s=]p==t=e, Q=n=ur< W6my= p==[#v=/ ++â.äî++

Å{=Ike:x=] t=d= v==ky=m=<, wdm=< a=h m=hIp=t=e +

Sloka transliteration- Sanskrit to English;

atha vyavasthitAn drushtvA dhArtharAshtrAn kapidvaja:|

pravrutte sastra sampAte dhanurudhyamya pandava:|| ——————–20

hrushikesam tadA vAkyam idamAha mahipate———————–21(part)

Sloka word to word meaning- Sanskrit to English;

m=hIp=t=e (Mahipate)- Oh, king ; k:ip=Qv=j=/ (kapidvaja:)- Arjuna, p==[#v=/ (pandava:)- the son of pandu; who has the monkey God Hanuman in his flag ; d&{!<v== (drushtva)- seeing ; aq= (atha)- (the)thus; vy=v=ûsq=t==n=< (vyavasthitAn)- the arrayed ; Q==t=*r={!M=n=< (dhArtarAshtrAn)- sons of Dhrytarashtra ; p=>v=&T=e (pravtrutte) – before; x=sF=s=]p==t=e (sastra sampAte)- the missiles were to be discharged; Q=n=u/ W6my= (dhanu: udhyamya)- raised his bow ; t=d= (tada)- and then ; a=h (Aha) – told; wdm=< (idam)- these (following) ; v==ky=m=< (vakyam)- words ; Å{=Ike:x=] (hrishihesam) – to Sri Krishna (Hrishikesa, the dweller in everyone’e hearts)

Sloka meaning:

Oh king, Arjuna, who has the monkey God Hanuman in his flag, seeing the thus arrayed sons of Dhrutarashtra, before the missiles were to be discharged, raised his bow and then told these following words to Sri Krishna, the Hrishikesa, the dweller in everyone’s hearts.


The first reaction after blowing the conch and seeing the enemy formation was to raise his bow- a true Kashatriya trait. In contrast, Sanjaya had already told Dhrutarashtra that his son Duryodhana , after seeing the Pandava formation, went to his Acharya. The additional title of ‘Pandava’ is Sanjaya’s dig at Dhrutarashtra’s partiality since it was the latter who wanted to know what his sons and those of Pandu did in Kurukshetra.

Kapidwaja:- Once, Vayu deva intentionally carried a thousand petalled Lotus and made it fall before Draupadi. She asked Arjuna to bring more of its kind, and the latter went in search of that Lotus. On the way, in a forest, he happened to meet Hanuman. After they conversed, Hanuman offered him a wish to which Arjuna requested only his blessings. But, Hanuman, moved thus, offered to sit in Arjuna’s flag and promised that he will roar together with Arjuna during battle when he enters the enemy formations injuring many an enemy and assured that  his  roar will be such that it will take away their lives.

tadAham brumhayishyAmi svaravena ravam tava

vijayasya dhvajastascha nAdAn mokshyami dArunAn

satrunam ye prAnaharA: nAdAn sukham yena hanishyate—

( Mahabharata, vana parvam- 151/17-18)

(All the above from Prama Pujya Swamy Ramsukhdasji Maharaj)

I felt simply putting Arjuna as the ‘ monkey bannered’ was too insulting to our greatest celibate in this present Chaturyuga cycle. Hence the full explanation in the sloka itself. ‘Arjuna, who has the monkey God in his flag’.

Hare Krishna



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