Posted by: Venkat | October 24, 2008

Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 19

Jai Sri Ram.

Priya Sadhaks,

Please meditate on the Lord, recite the Dhyana Slokas, and recite all the slokas studied so far in this  chapter. Memorize this sloka as you read this.

Gita chapter 1, sloka 19

s= G==e{==e Q==t=*r={!M=[==], Ådy==in= vy=d=ry=t=< +

n=B=xc= p=&iq=v=I] c=Ev=, t=um=ul=e vy=n=un==dy=n=< ++â.âï++

Sloka word to word meaning:

s=– (sa)- that; t=um=ul /( tumula:)- tumultuous;    G==e{=/ (ghosha:)- sound( of conches) ; n=B= / c= (nabha: cha)- (making the ) heaven; p=&iq=v=I]  c= Av= (prithiveem cha eva)- and earth; vy=n=un==dy=n= (vyanunadayan)- resound; vy=d=ry=t= ( vyadarayat) broke(rent ?); Ådy==in= (hridayani)- the hearts of; Q==t=*r={!M=[==] (dhartharashtranam)- Dhrutarashtra’s  sons.

Sloka meaning- Sanskrit to English;

That tumultuous sound of conches, making the heaven and earth resound, rent the hearts of Dhrutarashtra’s sons.

Here , dhartha rashtranam will mean two- one is ‘Dhrutarshtra’s sons’; the other is ‘those who usurped the land’.  Swamy Ramsukhdas says the second meaning is more apt . The injustice that they did to the Pandavas was there in their heart of hearts. Once, the sound of the Conches of Krishna to Abhimanyu reached them, it rent their hearts. Why, because of the guilt that they accumulated.

Sanjaya, so far was only touch and go in his criticism of Kauravas, cannot shift gears and go into direct assault mode  by saying it rent the hearts of Dhrutarashtra’s sons. if he meant that, he would have told ‘your sons’. So, still the criticism is subtle and Sanjaya says’ those that usurped the land’.

Swamy Ramsukhdas says more- Why did the sound of the eleven akshouhini army of kauravas didn’t rattle Pandavas whereas the sound of conches of seven aksouhini strong army of Pandavas rent  the Kauravas hearts ?  The reason is the difference between Dharma and Adharma.

Hare Krishna


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