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Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 17,18

Priya Sadhaks,

(We are taking up two slokas here as 16 th sloka actually ends in 17 th only. Please recite the Dhyana slokas, and the slokas recited so far. While memorizing, remember the sloka number also. Find your way of associating the sloka number with the sloka. In the same way remember every fifth sloka. Once you come to a point when you can tell a sloka after seeing the first words of the sloka, make the habit of remembering the sloka by the first word also. This may be tedious but in practice very easy. In a very organized effort, you can memorize the entire first chapter in 30 days. You can even tell them in reverse order which makes the process complete. )

Gita Chapter 1, sloka 17, 18.

k:=xy=xc= p=rm=e{v==s=/, ix=K=[#I c= m=h=rq=/ +

Q=&{!6umn==e iv=r=!xc=, s==ty=ik:xc==p=r=òj=t=/ ++â.âë++

7up=d=e 7=Ep=dey==xc=, s=v=*x=/ p=&iq=v=Ip=t=e +

s==EB=7xc= m=h=b==hu/, x=V<K==n=< dQm=u/ p=&q=k:< p=&q=k:< ++â.âè++

Sloka Transliteration- Sanskrit to English

kAshyascha parameshvasa: shikhandi cha mahAratha:|
dhrushtadhyumno virAtascha sAtyakischAparAjita: || ———1/17

drupado droupadeyAscha sarvasa: pruthiveepate|
sowbhadrascha mahAbAhu: shakhAn dadhmu: pruthak pruthak||———1/18

Slokas word to word meaning- Sanskrit to English:

p=&iq=v=Ip=t=e (pruthiveepathe)- ( Then,) Oh King of the earth, p=rm=e{v==s=/ (parameshvAsa:)- the
mighty archer; k:=xy=xc= (kAsya: cha)- the king of Kashi, m=h=rq=/ (mahAratha: )- maharathi; ix=K=[#I c= (shikhandi cha) – Shikhandi; (Dhrushtadhyumna:) – Dhrushtadhyumna; iv=r=!/ c= (virAta: cha) – king of Virata; ap=r=òj=t=/ (aparAjita:) – the unconquerable ; s==ty=ik: (sAtyaki) – Satyaki; 7up=d/ c= (drupada: cha) – king Drupada; 7=Ep=dey=/ c= (droupadeya; cha) – the (five) sons of Draupadi; s==EB=7/ c= (sowbhadra: cha) – (Abhimanyu,) Subhadra’s son ; m=h=b==hu/ (mahAbAhu: ) – of mighty shoulders ; dQm=u/ (dadhmu:) – blew; p=&q=k:< p=&q=k:< (pruthak pruthak) – (their) respective; x=V<K==n=< (shankhAn)- conches;; s=v=*x=/ (sarvasa:) – from all sides

Sloka meaning:

Then, Oh, King of the earth, the mighty archer and the king of Kashi,
maharathi Shikhandi, Dhrushtadhyumna, King of Virata, the
unconquerable Satyaki, king Drupada, the five sons of Draupadi, and
Abhimanyu, Subhadra’s son and of mighty shoulders , blew their
respective conches from all sides.


Here ends the conch blowing. After Sri Krishna, the Pandava brothers,
the other warriors follow suit. Sanjaya, here too takes a dig at the
Kouravas by describing all the (eighteen) prominent conch blowers in
Pandava side while describing only Bheeshma’s act in Kaurava side.
Sanjaya’s words are a natural reaction to Dhrutharashtra’s uttering of
`mamaka’ ( my sons) in the very beginning. That Sanjaya did not favour
Kauravas becomes obvious here.

Hare Krishna



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