Posted by: Venkat | October 17, 2008

Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 16

Jai Sri Ram,

Priya Sadhaks,

We are nearing 15 th sloka of the first chapter. I wish your devotion to Gita be deep and persistent. Please remember , we are not only studying Gita here; we are here to memorize, assimilate and live it!

As always, please recite the dhyana slokas, and the slokas studied so far. And, memorize this sloka as you read it.

Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 16

an=nt=iv=j=y=] r=j==, ku:nt=Ip=uF==e y=uiQ=ò{@r/ +

n=ku:l/ s=hdev=xc=, s=uG==e{=m=i[=p=u{p=k:=E ++â.âê++

Sloka transliteration Sanskrit to English

anantavijayam rAjA kuntiputro yudhistthira:
nakula: sahadevascha sughoshamanipushpakou————–16

Sloka word to word meaning:

r=j==(raja) – (then) the king; y=uiQ=ò{@r/ (yudhistthira:)- Yudhishtthira ; ku:nt=Ip=uF=/ (kuntiputra:)- Kunti’s son , an=nt=iv=j=y=] (anantavijayam) – (blew his conch) Anantavijayam; n=ku:l/ (nakula:) – Nakula; s=uG==e{= (sughosha)- (blew his conch) Sughosha; / s=hdev=/ c=, (sahadeva cha)- and Sahadeva; m=i[=p=u{p=k:=E (manipushpakou) – (blew his conch) Manipushpakou.

Sloka meaning;

Then , the king, Yudhishtira, Kunti’s son, blew his conch Anantavijayam; Nakula blew his conch Sughosha; And Sahadeva blew his conch Manipushpakou.

Raja- Yudhishtthira was the king of Indraprasta. Even after twelve years of vana vas and one year of life incognito, Sanjaya’s intuition says he will be King since he will win this war. Hence the title Raja given by Sanjaya.

Kunti putra:- To distinguish between the other two brothers, Nakula and Sahadeva who were born to Matri, the special identification Kuntiputra: is given by Sanjaya.

Hare Krishna

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  1. I need some sloka [in sanskrit] in gita–1] jad jada—comming when religoin disturbed
    2] ohm jai jaga disha hare——pl.send complete

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