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Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 15

Jai Sri Ram,

Priya Sadhaks,

As always, I request you all to recite all the Dhyana slokas and the slokas studied so far. Krishna be with you during your Gita Dhyana!

Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 15

p==Jc=j=ny=] Å{=Ike:x==e, dev=dT=] Q=n=]j=y=/ +

p==E[#M] dQm==E m=h=x=V<K]=, B=Im=k:m==* v=&k:=edr/ ++â.âç++

Sloka Transliteration- Sanskrit to English

pAnchajanyam hrisheekeso devadattam dhananjaya: |
poundram dadhmou mahAshankham bheemakarmA vrukodhara: ||—- 1/15

Sloka word to word meaning- Sanskrit to English:

Å{=Ike:x=/ (hrisheekesa:) – Sri Krishna, the dweller in everyone’s hearts;
p==Jc=j=ny=] (pAnchajanyam) – (blew his conch ) Panchanjanyam; Q=n=]j=y=/ (dhananjaya:) – Arjuna; dev=dT=] (devadattam)- (blew his conch) devadattam; v=&k:=edr/ (vrukodhara:)- (and) Bheema; B=Im=k:m==* (bheemakarmA)- (of) mighty deeds; dQm==E (dadhmou) – blew; m=h=x=V<K]= (mahashankham)- the great conch of; p==E[#M] (poundram) – Poundram

Sloka Meaning:

Sri Krishna, the dweller in everyone’s hearts blew his conch Panchajanyam; Arjuna blew his conch Devadattam and Bheema, of mighty deeds, blew his great conch of Poundram.

You all would have seen my recent post ‘conches’ where the history of Bhagavan’s Panchajanyam was given.

Dhananjaya- The man who lives among wealth; Arjuna himself says in Mahabharata ,” Since I beat all kings and bring their wealth and live among them, I am called Dhananjaya”

sarvanjanapatanjitva vittamadaya kevalam |
madhye dhadasya tishtthami tenahurmam dhananjayam ||

Also when Arjuna fought with Daityas(asuras) like Nivatakavacha , Lord Indra gave him the conch named Devadattam, a conch capable of producing huge sound which would demoralise any enemy.

Bheema, the slayer of many mighty Asuras, got the name Bheemakarma. Vrukodara:- means one who has a stomach like a wolf. vrukodara: also would mean one who has an Agni(fire) named ‘vruka’ inside the stomach
in addition to the ‘Jataragni’ by which he could digest huge quantities of food.

The order of blowing is significant. First Sree Krishna, thecharioteer, next Arjuna and third Bheema. Krishna , is the obvious first person and these two are there in terms of their valour and importance among the Pandava brothers , and not necessarily by measure of age.

Hare Krishna


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