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Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 14

Jai Sri Ram.

Priya Sadhaks,

Please recite all the dhyana slokas and the slokas studied so far.
Please memorize this present sloka as you go along.

Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 14

t=t=/ xv=et=Er< hy=Er< y=ukt=e, m=hit= sy=ndn=e òsq=t==E +

m==Q=v=/ p==[#v=xc=Ev=, idvy==E x=V<K==E p=>dQm=t=u/ ++â.âå++

Sloka Transliteration- Sanskrit to English

tata svetairhayairyukte mahati syandane sthitou |
mAdhava: pAndavaschaiva divyou shankhou pradadhmatu: ||— 1/14

sloka word to word meaning- Sanskrit to English:

t=t=/ (tata: )- then; m==Q=v=/ c= (mAdhava: cha) – Krishna, who has Lakshmi as his consort;
p==[#v= Av= (pAndava: eva) – and Arjuna; òsq=t==E (sthitou) – sitting (on a); m=hit= (mahati) – great; sy=ndn=e (syandane) – chariot; y=ukt=e (yukte) – yoked with; xv=et=E/ (svetai) – white coloured; hy=E/ (hayai:)- horses; p=>dQm=t=u/ (pradadhmatu:) – blew; idvy==E (divyou) – (their) celestial ; x=V<K==E (shankou) – conches

sloka meaning- Sanskrit to English;

Then, Krishna, who has Lakshmi as his consort, and Arjuna sitting on a
great chariot with white coloured horses blew their celestial conches.

Swamy Ramsukhdas ji raises a question and answers it himself: Why Sree
Krishna blew the conch instead of the Pandava General, Drushtadyumna ?
There is also a support for this since the Kourava General Bheeshma
blew his conch first (though not to begin war).

Krishna was always respected and given the place of honour right from
childhood. The yadavas stopped Indra Pooja and instead, as Krishna
advised, did Govardhan pooja. The Pandavas too held him in great esteem.

Svetair hayair yukte- Arjuna was gifted 100 white horses by a
gandharva named Chitrarada which will always remain in that count of
100 regardless of how many of them were slayed. Arjuna picked the best
four among them and yoked them to his chariot.

mahati syandane- Great chariot. Arjuna’s chariot was gifted to him by
Surya deva, who was gladdened by Arjuna’s help in burning down(
thereby eating) the Kandava forest to relieve himself of indigestion
since he consumed too much ghee submitted in Yagnyas. That chariot,
lined with gold, had a capacity to hold nine cartloads of arms. Its
wheels were huge and strong. The flag flew upto a yojana (conversion
?)distance but still light and never tangled in any tree. Hanuman sat
on this flag.

Hare Krishna


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