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Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 13

Priya Sadhaks,
With love and devotion, recite the Dhyana Slokas, and all the slokas
studied so far in this chapter. And while you read this sloka, please
memorize it.

Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 13

t=t=/ x=V<K==xc= B=ey=*xc=, p=[=v==n=k:g==em=uK==/ +

s=hs=Ev==By=hny=nt=, s= x=bds=< t=um=ul=eCB=v=t=< ++â.âà++

Sloka Transliteration Sanskrit to English

tata shankhAscha bheryascha panavAnakagOmukhA:
sahasaivAbhyahanyanta sa shabdhastumulObhavat

sloka word to word meaning:

t=t=/ (tata:) – then ; s=hs= Av= (sahasa eva) – all at once; x=V<K==/ c= (shankha: cha) – conches; B=ey=/ (bherya: cha)- kettle drums; p=[=v=/ (panava:) -trumpets; a=n=k: (anaka) – drums; g==em=uK==/ c= (gomukha):- (and) horns; a By=hny=nt= (abhyahanyanta) – blared(forth); s= (sa) – that ; x=bd/ (shabdha:) – sound; t=um=ul aB=v=t=< (tumula abhavat) – was tumultuous

sloka meaning:

Then, all at once, conches, kettle drums, trumpets, drums, and horns
blared forth; that sound was tumultuous.


According to Sanjaya, Bheeshma blew his conch to gladden Duryodhana.
But, the Kaurava army took that as a signal of beginning the war and
started all the above sounds.

Shankha- is the conch- well dealt in previous sloka
Bherya- this is a mammoth one sided drum, made of iron and with the
membrane made of Bison’s skin.

Panava- This is also a drum but relatively small and double sided. The
body made of wood or iron and the membrane of sheep’s skin. Always it
is thought good to start a holy endeavour with this.
Anaka- This is the famous mritanga . Smaller than Panava and double
sided. The most popular of drums. handy, with mud (or wooden) body and
(what) skin tied up at both ends.
Gomukha- This is the horn. Bent and curved.Blown with the mouth.

With this Sanjaya answers Drutarashtra’s one question- Mamaka- what
did my sons do ? From the next sloka , Sanjaya will explain what the
Pandavas did.

Hare Krishna


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