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Gita Chapter 1, sloka 12

Priya Sadhaks,
( As usual Please recite Dhyana Slokas and the slokas studied so far.
I believe you are memorizing the slokas as we go along. Please
remember, our family has to produce 100 plus scholars, devotees and
teachers of Srimad Bhagavad Gita which the world badly needs)

Gita Chapter 1, sloka 12

t=sy= s=]j=n=y=n=< h{=*], ku:ov=&3/ ip=t==m=h/ +

is=]hn==d] iv=n=6=ecc=E/, x=V<K=] dQm==E p=>t==p=v==n=< ++â.âä++

tasya sanjanayanharsham kuruvruddha pitAmaha:
simhanAdam vinadyochhai shankham dadhmou pratApavAn

Sloka word to word meaning:

ku:ov=&3/ (kuruvruddha:)- (the eldest of the kuru dynasty; ip=t==m=h/ (pitAmaha:) the great
grandfather (of Duryodhana ) ; p=>t==p=v==n=< (pratApavAn)- (and) powerful( Bheeshma);
h{=*], (harsham)- gladdening; t=sy= (tasya)- Duryodhana (`s heart), iv=n=6 (vinadya)- thundered (a ) ; is=]hn==d] (simha nadam)- lion’s roar; Wcc=E (uchhai)- (and) loudly; dQm==E (dadhmou)- blew; x=V<K=] (shankham)- (his) conch.

Sloka meaning:

(Then),The eldest of the kuru dynasty, the great grandfather of
Duryodhan and the powerful Bheeshma , gladdening Duryodan’s heart,
thundered a lion’s roar and loudly blew his conch.

Swamy Ramsukhdas states that, there was another elder alive at that
time in Kuru dynasty. He was Bahleeka (spelt correct ? I am
translating from a Tamil work). He was Santanu’s brother. But Bheeshma
is given the title ahead of the real old man just because of Sanjaya’s
respect towards him due to his learning, righteousness, and Divine

Even though Duryodhan wounded his grandsire by his words, the old man
just took them in his stride as any grand father would do and further
to gladden him , thundered and blew his conch. Blowing a conch is the
beginning of a holy task – be it a worship or war. Further , the
sound is symbolic of Om.

While Drona kept quiet hearing Duryodhan’s hurting words, Bheeshma
went ahead to gladden him showing their bond was emotional while the
former had only an intellectual/ respect based bond with his disciple.

Hare Krishna


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