Posted by: Venkat | September 5, 2008

Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 11

Priya Sadhaks,
Please recite Dhyana Slokas and the slokas studied so far in this
chapter. Ensure you have gotten them by heart.

Gita Chapter 1, Sloka 10

ay=n=e{=u c= s=v=e*{=u, y=q==B==g=m=< av=ûsq=t==/ +

B=I{m=m=< Av==iB=rZ=nt=u, B=v=nt=/ s=v=* Av= ih ++â.ââ++

ayaneshu cha sarveshu yathAbhAgamavasthitA:
bheeshmamevAbhirakshantu bhavanta: sarva eva hi

sloka word to word meaning:

c=(cha) – Therefore ; B=v=nt=/(bhavanta:)- you; s=v=* Av=(sarva eva) – all;s=v=e*{=(sarveshu)- at all ; av=ûsq=t==/(avasthitA)- hold fast onto; y=q==(yatha)- (your)respective; B==g=m=< (bhAgam)- positions; ay=n=e{=u (ayaneshu)- approaches (to the army); ; ih (hi)- and( without fail); aiB=rZ=nt=u (abirakshantu)- protect; B=I{m=m=< (bheeshmam)- Bheeshma; Av= (eva)- alone

Sloka meaning-

Therefore, all of you , hold fast onto your positions at all approaches to the army, and without fail, protect Bheeshma alone.

Duryodhan’s dilly dallying with the elders continues. Now he is on a
damage control mode plus pacifying Bheeshma. Duryodhan knew Bheeshma
is vulnerable to Shikhandi, the woman turned man, against whom the
latter will not take weapons.

He is now urging his army to protect the grand old man by holding onto their positions ( by sticking to the strategies) to prevent Shikhandi from breaking the formation at any point and coming face to face with Bheeshma . Bheeshma himself had acknowledged that this is the only way to slay him.

After,his affront to his elder in the last sloka, Duryodhan is now oncorrection mode. He has realised his mistake, and has reminded himself how invaluable Bheeshma is for Kauravas. (Bheeshma lived excellently upto his reputation till he fell.)We do not have
confirmation from Sanjaya that Bheeshma was pacified nor whether he carried the grudge inside. But, he was keen to carry on , as will be evidenced from the next sloka.

Hare Krishna

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