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Gita Sloka Chapter 1, sloka 10

Priya Sadhaks,
Please recite Dhyana Slokas and (if possible) recite all the slokas
recited so far in this chapter. As you recite, memorize this sloka.

Gita Sloka Chapter 1, sloka 10
ap=y==*pt=] t=d< asm==k:}, b=l] B=I{m==òB=riZ=t=m=< +

p=y==*pt=] ûtv=dm=< At=e{==], b=l] B=Im==òB=ròZ=t=m=< ++â.âî++

Sloka Transliteration; Sanskrit to English

aparyAptam tadasmAkam balam bheeshmabhirakshtam
paryAptam twidametesham balam bheemabhirakshitam

Sloka word to word meaning

t=t=< (tat) – this; b=l] (balam)- army; asm==k:} (asmakam)- (of)ours; ap=y==*pt=] (aparyaptam)- (is) insufficient; aòB=ròZ=t=m=< (abhirakshatam)- (since it is) protected; B=I{m= (bheeshma)- (by) Bhishma; t=u (tu)- but; wdm=< (idam)- this; b=l] (balam)- army; At=e{==] (etesham) – (of)theirs; p=y==*pt=] (paryaptam) – (is) sufficient; aòB=ròZ=t=m=< (abhirakshitam) – (since it is) protected by ; B=Im= (bheema)- (by) Bheema

Sloka meaning:

(Duryodhan to Drona)
This army of ours is insufficient since it is protected by Bheeshma;
But this army of theirs is sufficient since it is protected by Bheema.


Duryodhan, is in the grip of a severe fear. The fear has blunted his
senses so much that he is pushed to comparing Bheeshma with Bheema.
This indictment of Pitamaha in the battlefield shows what regard he
had for his Bheeshma. He was convinced in his heart that Bheeshma had
concern for both sides and under such a commander in chief, under whom
he was forced to go to war, the Kaurava army had little chances of

Bheeshma is incomparable to everyone assembled in Discipline, Wisdom,
Righteous behaviour, valour, age and respect. Bheema was a man still
in the making and second in order of valour in the Pandava brothers.
But, according to Duryodhan, Bheema scores over Pitamaha Bheeshma in
being concentrated on his army alone. Also , Bheeshma was a devotee of
Sri Krishna, who was on the other side. Duryodhan and his brothers were
in the grip of a ‘ Bheema Phobia’ since the latter had taken a vow to
kill each one of them and bathe Draupadi’s hair with their blood;
hence this comparison. His fear was unfounded, which will be shown in
the next sloka.

Hare Krishna!!!!

Please download the Sanskrit font here

Please download the Gita Audio here



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