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Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, sloka 7

Priya Sadhaks,

Please recite the Dhyana slokas aloud. Recite the first sloka also aloud. Also memorize these slokas as you study it. (I believe you are sticking to the parayana procedure I requested. Please recite all the Dhyana slokas, then Atha prathamodhyaya:, then
all slokas upto this slokas aloud. Gita parayana has a distinct effect
apart from the benefit of sloka reading with meaning )

Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, sloka 7

asm==k:} t=u iv=ix={!= y=e, t==n=< in=b==eQ= i8j==eT=m= +

n==y=k:= m=m= s=Eny=sy=, s=]N=q=*] t==n=< b=>v=Iim= t=e ++â.ë++

Sloka Transliteration- Sanskrit to English

asmAkam tu visishishtA ye tAnnibodha dwijottama |
nAyakA mama sainyasya sangnyArtham tAnbraveemi te ||———-1/7

word to word meaning of sloka:

i8j==eT=m= (dwijottama)- O, the best of the twice born (Brahmanas); in=b==eQ= (nibodha)- know
; iv=ix={!= y=e, (ye vishishta)- (the)distinguished; asm==k:} t=u (asmakam tu)- amongst us also; ; n==y=k:= (nayaka)- leaders; m=m= (mama)- (of) our; s=Eny=sy=, (sainyasya)- army; s=]N=q=*] (sannyartham)- for(your) information ; t==n=< (tan)- I; b=>v=Iim= ( braveemi)- shall name (them to); t=e (te)- you

Sloka meaning:

O, the best of the twice born( Brahmanas)! Know the distinguished amongst us also, the leaders of our army. For your information, I shall name them to you.


Duryodhan’s Drona specific strategy continues. In the third sloka, Duryodhan says ‘pasya etam’ meaning ‘look at this'(as the Pandava sainya was in front). Now in this sloka he says ‘ nibodha’ meaning ‘know’. (since the kaurava sainya was behind).

Duryodhan, after gauging the enemy army, and after giving its due appreciation, turns to his own. Says his army is second to none. As a true warrior he did not want to underestimate the enemy. But one can sense the unease in his words caused after the sight of the Pandava formation. Swamy Ramsukhdasji says that the cause of unease was on
seeing Bhagavan Sri Krishna on the opposite side. I have a question; Did Duryodhan know that Krishna was an Avatar ? Is there any instance to show that Duryodhan knew Krishna to be the Lord ? If so, why did he not request his presence in his side and chose his army ?

Hare Krishna


Please download the Sanskrit font here

Please download the Gita Audio here



  1. The font link is not working. Please update.

  2. Namaste, now the link is updated. Hare krishna Venkat

  3. excellent

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