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Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, sloka 3.

Jai Sri Ram

Priya Sadhaks,

Please recite the Dhyana slokas aloud. Recite the first sloka also aloud. Also memorize this sloka as you study it.

 Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, sloka 3.

p=xy=Et==] p==[#up=uF==[==m=<, a=c==y=* m=ht=I] c=m=Um=< +

vy=U$=] 7uup=dp=uF=e[=, t=v= ix={y=e[= Q=Im=t== ++â.à++

Sloka Transliteration- Sanskrit to English

pasyaitAm panduputrAnAm,  Acharya mahateem chamoom |

vyuddhAm dhrupadaputrena,  tava sishyena dheematA ||————-3.

Sloka word to word meaning:

a=c==y=* (acharya)- acharya! (teacher!), p=xy= (pasya)- look, At==] (etam)- (at) this, m=ht=I] (mahateem)- huge, c=m=Um=<  (chamoom)- army, p==[#up=uF==[==m=<  (panduputranam)- (of) the sons of Pandu; vy=U$=] (vyuddham)- paraded by, t=v= ix={y=e[= (tava sishyena)- your disciple , Q=Im=t==  (dheemata)- the clever;  7uup=dp=uF=e[= (drupada putrena) : son of Drupada (Dhrushtadhyumna)

sloka meaning:

Acharya, look at this huge army of the sons of Pandu, paraded by your disciple, the clever Dhrushtadhyumna, son of Drupada.
(with help From Swamy Ramsukhdas’s ‘Sadhak Sanjivani’)-

Duryodana, the ever clever man, does not miss a chance to raise the
adrenal level of his soldiers and generals to his best advantage.
Dhrushtadhyumna was raised by King Drupada just in order to take
revenge on Drona.

Dhrushtadhyumna, was born in a yagnya conducted by Drupada for
eliminating Drona with the help of two brahmans named Yaja and
Upayaja. Drona was also the Guru of Dhrushtadhyumna. The words ‘Tava
sishyena'(your disciple) is a praise and also a prick to Drona. Again
, Dheemata – (clever) is also raise Drona’s anger level against him
and also on Pandavas since they were using Drona’s enemy’s son to
fight him.

(Drupada had insulted Drona, his childhood friend, and as a result
Drona nurtured an enmity towards his friend turned foe. Drona also defeated Drupada in a war that ensued . King Drupada, unable to digest the defeat but never an equal to Drona in warfare, conducted the Yagnya for a fit son who can vanquish Drona)

“pasya etam Pandu putranam Mahatim Chamoom”- (look at this huge
Pandava army)- Duryodhana was unnerved at seeing the Pandava army.
The Pandava army had a strength of seven Akshouhinis- (each Akshouhini
had 21,870 elephants, 21,870 chariots, 65,610 horses, and 1,09,350
soldiers) whereas Kourava army had eleven. The formation of Pandavas
must have made him feel that even this army was big. Also, as the
Pandava army was a cohesive force whereas Kourava army was a divided
one with not much unity. This made Duryodana to irritate Drona and
force him into vehement action against Pandavas. Also, this is to caution his
acharya not to take the enemy lightly.

When the Pandavas are up and ready to fight, Acharya, you should come
to a conclusion on how to meet them.

A clever talk- more than just a pep talk.

Hare Krishna

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