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Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, sloka 2.

Priya Sadhaks,


Please recite the Dhyana slokas aloud. Recite the first sloka also aloud. Also memorize this sloka as you study it.


Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, sloka 2.


s=]j=y= Wv==c=

d&{!<v== t=u p==[#v==n=Ik:], vy=U$] duy==e*Q=n=s=< t=d= +

a=c==y=*m=< Wp=s=]g=my=, r=j== v=c=n=m=< ab=>v=It=< ++â.ä++


Sloka Transliteration- Sanskrit to English

sanjaya uvAcha

drushtvA tu pAndavAneekam vyudam duryaodhanastadA |

AchAryamupasangamya rAjA vachanamabraveet ||————- 2/2

word to word meaning:

s=]j=y= Wv==c=

 sanjaya uvacha- Sanjaya said,

t=d=(tada) – then, r=j== (raja) – king Duryaodana , d&{!<v== t=u (drushtva tu)- on seeing, vy=U$] (vyudam)-the paraded , p==[#v==n=Ik:] (pandavaneekam)- pandava army, Wp=s=]g=my= (upasangamya)- approached, a=c==y=*m=< (acharyam) – Acharya Drona, ab=>v=It=<  (abraveet)- told , v=c=n=m=< (vachanam)- these words.

Sloka meaning:


Sanjaya said, ” Then , Raja Duryodhana, on seeing the
paraded Pandava army, approached acharya Drona and told these words”.

Look at the word ‘Raja’- Duryodana , though was only a prince, is called
as King. Why ? He was the de facto ruler of his country. His father
was only a namesake King. Sanjaya said this. Who is Sanjaya ? Sanjaya
means one who is beyond desires and aversions. A fit person to whom
Vyasa gave the divine vision.

Why did Dutyodana go to Drona instead of Bheeshma , who is his Great
Grandfather and family elder ? Bheeshma was a perfectly neutral man as
far as affection for his family members was concerned. But Drona was
biased to Arjuna as he was his dear and prime disciple. Cunning man he
is, Duryodana knows that it is Drona who has to be totally on his side.

But Sanjaya says that Duryodana went to Drona after seeing the Pandava
army.” Vyudham pandavaneekam”- seeing the pandava formation.(read as
vyuddhham- the fourth Da in Sanskrit)There is the indication of unease
he had.

Acharyam Upasangamya- approached his teacher; perfectly understandable
since Drona is the Guru and the disciple has to approach him.

vachanam abraveet- told (these words: Abraveet is enough. But why
Vachanam ? “Vachanam” is obviously to add that special emphasis. Sort
of majesticity to his words. You will see it in the coming slokas how
much of oral manipulation he does.

Hare Krishna

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  1. I have been longing fince long for these holy compilation. Today I cinsider fulfilled thanks.

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