Posted by: Venkat | March 29, 2008

Gita Dhyana sloka 8

Gita Dhyana sloka 8

mookam karoti vachalam pangum langayate girim
yatkrupa tamaham vande paramananda madhavam

word to word meaning:

aham – I; vande- (pay)obeisances(to); tam – that; paramananda-
supremely blissful; madhavam- Madhava (who has lakshmi as his
consort); yat- whose; krupa- compassion; karoti- makes; mookam- the
dumb (into); vachalam- to speak ; pangum- (and makes)a lame person;
langayate- (to) climb; girim- (a) mountain

I pay obeisances to that supremely blissful Madhava( who has Lakshmi
as his consort), whose compassion makes a dumb to speak and makes a
lame person to climb the mountain.

Hare Krishna



  1. This is the most comprhesive and user friendly Bhagavad Gita Website that I have ever visited. Thank you for your efforts.

  2. Thanks Sri Prakash.
    For sometime I did not update the blog. But now, I am doing one sloka a day till I come on par with the group discussions , that is the 38 th sloka of second chapter.
    Hare Krishna

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