Posted by: Venkat | March 25, 2008

Gita Dhyana Sloka 5

Gita Dhyana Sloka 5

vasudevasutam devam kamsachanoora mardanam
devakiparamanandam krishnam vande jagadgurum

word to word meaning;
vande- (I) salute; devam- God; krishnam- krishna; jagadgurum- the
teacher of the universe; sutam- son (of) ; vasudeva- Vasudeva;
paramanandam- (who was the )supreme bliss of); devaki- (his mother)
Devaki ; mardanam- (and who was the )destroyer(of); kamsa- (Rakshasas)
Kamsa(and); chanoora -Chanoora;

sloka meaning:

I salute God Krishna, the teacher of the universe, son of Vasudeva,who
was the supreme bliss of his mother Devaki and the destroyer of the
rakshasas Kamsa and Chanoora .


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