Posted by: Venkat | March 24, 2008

Gita Dhyana Sloka – 4

Gita Dhyana Sloka – 4

sarvopanishado gavo dogdha gopalanandana:
parthovatsa: sudheerbhoktha dugdham gitamrutam mahat

word to word meaning:

sarva- all; upanishadho – Upanishads are; gavo- cows; dogdha- milker;
gopalanandana:- (is)the son of the cowherd ,( Krishna); partho- son
of prutha ,(Arjuna); vatsa:- (is the)calf; sudhee:- (the)men of
purified intellect; Bhoktha- (are the)drinkers; dugdham- (and the )
milk ; mahat- (is the)supreme; amrutam- nectar; gita- (of) Gita

sloka meaning:

(If)All upanishads are (likened to) cows. The milker is the son of
the cowherd, Krishna; Arjuna, son of prutha, is the calf; the men of
purified intellect are the drinkers and the milk is the supreme
nectar of Gita.


Vedas are the breath of the Lord. Upanishads are the defining points
of the vedas. Sort of crowns. All upanishads are compared to cows
here. If the milk is compared to Gita, then it means that the
knowledge attained through a devoted study of the Gita gives the
essence of all vedas ( and upanishads in turn). In many slokas
upanishadic verses are repeated verbatim in the Gita. Foreseeing the
difficulty of the forthcoming generations of kaliyuga vasis, Krishna
has prepared a digest of the consummate wisdom of the vedas and
presented them in his dialogue with Arjuna. Let us memorize this
sloka today. I believe you have memorized the previous three.

Hare Krishna


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