Posted by: Venkat | March 15, 2008

Gita Dhyana Sloka – 1

Gita Dhyanam
parthaya pratibodhitam bhagavata narayanena svayam
vyasena grathitam purana-munina madhye mahabharatam
advaitamruta-varshanim bhagavatim astadasadhyayinim
amba tvam anusandadhami bhagavad-gite bhava-dvesinim

word to word meaning:
bhagavadgite- Oh Bhagavad Gita,; bhavadvedshineem- destroyer of
rebirth ; pratibodhitam- (thou hast been) instructed ; partha – (to)
partha (son of prutha); bhagavata narayanena svayam- (by) Lord
Narayana Himself; grathitam- (and later) included; purana munina- (by
the) ancient sage Vyasa ; madhye- within; mahabharatam- Mahabharata. ;
Amrita varshineem- showerer of the nectar (of) ; advaita- advaita;
ashta dasa-(of) eighteen; addhyayineem: chapters; amba- Oh Mother ;
anusandadami- (I) meditate; tvam- upon thee

sloka meaning:

Om !

“Oh Bhagavad Gita, destroyer of rebirth(s), thou hast been instructed
to partha(son of prutha) by Lord Narayana himself and later included
by the ancient sage Vyasa within the Mahabharata. Showerer of the
nectar of advaita, of eighteen chapters, Oh Mother! I meditate upon thee”
Click here to download beautiful audio rendering of entire Srimad Bhagavad Gita including dhyana slokas.



  1. Is Gita-dhyana part of Sankara’s commentary on the Gita?

  2. ..,good interpretation venkat!

  3. Beautiful interpretation of all dhyana slokas.
    However, I wonder what other meanings “grathitam” could have.
    Because clearly, Vyasa wrote the Mahabharata first, long before it played out on earth. I’d love to hear your comments on this.

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