Posted by: Venkat | February 28, 2008



OM shuklambharataram vishnum sasivarnam chaturbhujam
Prasanna vadanam dhyayedsarva vignopasantaye

Word to word meaning:
Dhyayed- (I) meditate upon (Lord Vigneshvara); Shukla- (with)
spotless(white); ambharadharam- clothes; sasivarnam- (who is )moon
coloured; chaturbhujam- (with) four hands; vishnum- who pervades
everywhere; prasanna vadanam- (who has) the face of the elephant (
blissfully pleasant face) ;upasantaye- (and) remover of; sarva- all ;
vigna:- (my)obstacles

I meditate upon Lord Vigneshvara with spotless white clothes, who is
moon coloured, with four hands, who pervades everywhere, who has the
face of the face of the elephant (with blissfully pleasant face), and
remover of all my obstacles.

For a live chant of this sloka click here

or below



  1. I have loved the chanting ever since my father started reciting the GITA from 1974 til he passed away.
    Can I in any way download the chantings on to my hard drive? ( hope there is no copy write violation} Or can pay and buy these recitations?. Help

  2. the recitation is recorded and on the website of They have themselves offered it for free download.

    Please download them and enjoy. They have all the 18 chapters. Do have a copy in your hard drive and pen drive so that you can play wherever you are and most importantly spread it by copying it onto all your friend’s computers

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